Delivery OR Pickup - 3PM to 7PM - Monday to Sunday - Ph: 320 3544 / Mb: 021 178 1551

How It Works

Order by midnight for next day pickup or delivery 

( Delivery to Auckland Only - Click here for delivery map)


STEP 1:       

- Select the meal size that suits your lifestyle (Small, Medium or Large)

STEP 2:       

- Choose your meals:

      PROTEIN (Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Prawns, Quorn),

      CARBS (Brown Rice, Pumpkin, Kumara, Quinoa, No Carbs),

      QTY and "ADD TO CART"

STEP 3:       

- Check "YOUR CART" for the right order, select the date for pickup or delivery, and give us any other special instructions.

STEP 4:       

- Fill up your details at the "CHECK OUT" and select an option for a Papagaio pick up location or delivery to your address 

- PICKUP @ Papagaio Kingsland (H&S) 2A Morningside Drive:

      3pm - 10pm (Mon to Thu) / 3pm -7pm (Fri to Sun)

- DELIVERY ( Auckland selected areas only):

      3pm - 10pm (Mon to Sun) - Fee $12 / Minimum Order $60.

- CAFE opening hours:

      6am - 6pm (Mon to Fri) / 8am -3pm (Sat & Sun)

 Heat, Eat, Enjoy!